Dr. Krauss listens to you with both his head and his heart while adapting your treatment to your body’s blend of needs and sensitivities. A keen observer with uncanny intuition, he has been able to develop several new healing techniques that address the mechanical, neurological, chemical, and energetic aspects of the body.


     This spectrum of solutions sheds light on even the most difficult cases, often revealing the root cause of your condition. Using his recognized problem-solving ability and an in-depth knowledge of the body, Dr. Krauss then tailors his treatment to your health situation. This extraordinary approach often affects and inspires healing where other doctors have failed, even with sensitive people and complicated cases.

     Dr. Krauss has been providing comprehensive healing services as a chiropractor for more than 30 years. He has earned a reputation among patients and the holistic community as an innovative, skillful problem solver.

Jedidiah Krauss D.C.