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The month of March proved to be a time of change. While we all have our expectations during everyday life, one cannot prepare us for the power and uncontrollable forces that create change! Join our mailing list to get up to date clinic changes!  

These past few months have reminded us just how important family and health are. We have all proven to be flexible in our work and planning, patient in our abilities, and lenient with time. Our ability to acclimate to the changes around us is amazing, but it has given us the excuse to put our physical and mental health in the background.  Taking time out for yourself, setting boundaries at home between work, kids, and relationships is a step in the right direction to mental health wellness and awareness.  Walks out side, visits to the chiropractor, and nutrition supplementation are physical ways we can take care our bodies. This month we are focusing on reminding our patients to come in and get their health back on track and any supplementation needed to support your health!

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