Healing Stories and Testimonials

Read about our success stories! We are honored to be able to be a part of our patients lives when it comes to their health. We love hearing their stories and we know you will too! 

Cranial Adjustment Relieves Lindsay’s Elbow Pain


     I first came to Tree of Life Chiropractic almost 15 years ago with my painful elbow. I had already seen two other chiropractors for it without success. The doctor here tested me in many different ways, and suddenly, while working on my skull, he announced, “I found it!” I remember saying jokingly: “Are you saying it is all in my head?” The doctor explained to me how the cranial release business works. So I let him stretch the joints of my skull. After that, my elbow pain was completely gone! That’s when I knew I had come to the right place!

  - Lindsay R.

Monica’s MRI Reveals Dural Manipulation Works


    I was severely injured in a car accident. I had disc injuries at the bottom of my neck and in the middle of my back, but my worst pain was a numbing and tingling and a gripping sensation down my left leg. Doctors told me that my symptoms described nerve pain, but that EMG studies, and an MRI showed nothing to explain the cause of the nerve pain. Another chiropractor was unable to help me. When I went to Tree of Life, they tested me for dural tension and found a problem high up in my neck above the level of the disc injuries. The trouble area was then manipulated it and got rid of all the sensations down my leg. Then, he set about working on my disc injuries and was able to reduce my pain down my arm, as well as reduce the size of the disc bulge as seen in a later MRI!

  - Monica C.

Simple Exercises Straighten Out Jolene’s Confused Brain


    Jolene had brain trauma due to a car accident. This had severely limited her lifestyle. She had three sessions of the line pattern exercises, in which the doctor showed Jolene the exercises and had her do them in the office. The fourth time she returned and said, excitedly, “It feels like something has opened up in my brain. I used to not be able to stir a cooking pot and talk on the telephone at the same time. Now I can do that.” A few months later, after continuing this work, she said, “I feel like I have got most of my life back.”

 - Jolene

30 Years of Hay Fever Responds in 30 Seconds


    I had suffered from severe hay fever, every spring for 30 years. During the springtime I dreaded going outdoors. I had tried many things that only marginally worked, but this was a different approach so I thought I’d try it. It was explained to me that unlike food allergies (in which one can avoid the offending food) I was constantly being bombarded by the airborne pollens. Being desensitized via magnetic biofeedback would require more than just office visits, because the constant high exposure would just overload me and my field would revert back into a reactive pattern. Therefore, I had to learn how to do this to myself. I was so reactive that within 15 minutes of desensitizing myself, I was reacting again. Fortunately, desensitizing myself took almost no time at all (about 30 seconds once I got the hang of it). I just kept at it and had a few offices visits. I can now say that my hay fever is a thing of the past.

 - Darren A.